Heartbleed: What you need to know

Heartbleed is a wide ranging vulnerability in the way that the internet encrypts/safeguards your vital information (account numbers, passwords, etc). Upwards of 2/3 of internet services are affected by this bug. This bug allows hackers to steal information off of the internet servers and to read secure/encrypted traffic. Up Time was affected by this bug, but within a few hours of the announcement on Tues (before 11:00AM) had patched all of our infrastructure and all of our clients’ firewalls with no loss of service.

What you should do:

1. Check here for advice on when/if to change your passwords on large public sites like amazon.com, wellsfargo.com, etc.


2. Check with your firewall vendor to see if you need to patch your firewall (And if not, how old is your security software that you don’t need to! Older versions of this software have other bugs that need to be fixed, see the BEAST exploit among others). Again, Up Time has patched all of our firewall several days ago, though if you use the VPN service on the Up Time firewall, you may want to call us to have some of those certificates replaced (we could not do that automatically without breaking VPN connectivity and we think the risk is low for VPN users generally).

3. Check with your web hosting provider to see if you need to get a new encryption certificate (again, Up Time has already replaced all client certificates on our servers, so if you host with us, you are covered).

4. Check with your email hosting provider if you need to do anything. If you host your own email, call us and we can advise you on what to do.

Also, we strongly urge our Medical and Financial clients to contact us about what else you may need to do.

Michael Sullenszino
Chief Secuirty Officer

The Up Time Experience

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